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Ancestral StoryClearing is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to energetically release an unwanted embedded family story thereby allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity and more fulfilling relationships.





What Ancestral Stories and Current Stories are disrupting your happiness, relationships, finances, and well-being?


Learn how the Nine Karmic Stories passed down from your Ancestors are impacting your life!


StoryClearing benefits your children and all of your descendants.

Learn Three Spiritual Practices to
connect with your Ancestors!


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Did you know that the sufferings, life experiences,

gifts, strengths, traumas, and heartaches of your Ancestors are embedded in your DNA?


You may be unconsciously reliving their stories!

This may explain why you keep falling into the same old patterns with your WORK and RELATIONSHIPS and why you often feel empty and confused about your life.

You are different.


  You are a Spiritual, Mindful Leader, with a Soul’s Purpose that excites and scares you. You often wonder, “Am I truly fulfilling my purpose?”


  You want more out of life, but you are not sure what “more” looks like.


  You have tried many spiritual practices, workshops, meditations and “laws,” but nothing seems to help you move forward.


  You feel blocked, and you are ready to experience Abundance, Wellness, Freedom, Love, and the Happiness you deserve, but something is interrupting your flow.


  You see others’ success and wonder why things are not working for you.


I know.  I get it!


What if I told you it may not be your “fault?”

Scientific research has shown that the traumas and hardships of your ancestors are embedded in your DNA. When the suffering and hardships of the Ancestors are no longer a part of your energetic body, you create a flow of happiness, purpose, love, and abundance that is your innate birthright.


There are Nine Karmic Stories that create adversity and struggle in your life.


The Karmic stories of your Ancestors influence your life, decisions, relationships, soul’s purpose, health, and career.

Your Ancestors are ready and willing to provide you with guidance.


They may no longer be alive in their bodies, but your Ancestors continue to exist in yours.


Your DNA includes the gifts, blessings, and traumas of the many thousands of loved ones who came before you.


So, not only are your Ancestors alive in your body, their mission from the Spirit World is to help you with your life journey.


Your Ancestors 14 generations back can assist you with all that you face in your daily life.

 You are the Dreams of your Ancestors, and you are standing on their shoulders.

Learn more about the Nine Karmic Stories that might be embedded in your DNA and Disrupting Your Happiness!


I’m Dr. MoNique, Master StoryClearing Practitioner and Chief Intuitive Officer of the Ancestor Wisdom School. I help you travel back into your family’s past to connect with the Ancestors who share your DNA. You and I partner with your ancestors who can participate in healing the effects of trauma in your genetic line.


It is my personal journey and Soul’s Purpose to use my experience as a healer, intuitive and channeler to teach the self-healing powers of Ancestral StoryClearing. It is my most firm belief that each of us has the capacity within us to transform the world and ourselves. My purpose is to impact as many people as possible, and help others – LIVE HAPPY

Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always with you.


Their wisdom is a profound source of guidance.


Learn how to partner with your Ancestors to create incredible relationships, experience profound self-love, release the past and embrace happiness.


Clearing the Karmic Stories experienced by your Ancestors up to 14 generations before you will help you experience a deeper level of happiness.

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Learn Three Spiritual Practice to
connect with your Ancestors!


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