What types of information can I expect from my Spirit Guides?

 October 28, 2015
Posted by Dr. Monique

What types of information can I expect from my Spirit Guides?


Spirit Guides are teachers that share loving advice from the universe.  Their role is to provide you with guidance that directs you on your soul’s path.

Working with teachers in the spirit world empowers us to make enlightened decisions because Spirit Guides give us the clarity necessary to make wise choices. Sometimes people become frustrated because they believe their guides should know everything that is going to happen and tell them in advance.  They are not all-knowing beings, and it is unwise to expect your Guides to tell you everything that is going to happen in your life.   Although you may want to know who you were or what happened in a past life, it isn’t helpful information if it isn’t relevant to your current life path. People who seek information just for curiosity will not experience the real benefits of working with their Guides.

Some Guides can see particular events that will occur in our future, but a masterful Guide will focus on the teachings necessary to assist you in living your purpose and finding fulfillment and happiness.

We are connected to our Spirit Guides in a spiritual dimension which essentially means we are always connected to them.  When you trust that they hear you, see you and support you, you release a vibrational energy that allows you to maintain a beautiful relationship.  Next time you need guidance, simply Ask Your Spirit Guides to enable the information to flow to you. They hear you!

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