What if there really is a secret to business success?

 July 20, 2013
Posted by Dr. Monique

Is there really a Secret to Success

One of the reasons people struggle with business decisions, business direction and marketing is because they focus on external information and ignore their intuition and inner guidance.  Many pay thousands of dollars to attend workshop after workshop hoping that the next workshop will give them the magic secret to success.   Investing in your growth and development is a must, as is following your intuition! 

What if there really is a secret to business success?  Well, there is, but it is only a secret because people don’t always use it despite the fact that it is FREE and available to everyone.  The BIG “secret for success”  is your connection to your Divine Guidance Council!  There are master marketers, writers and connectors to resources you need in life and business on your council.  You have a council of ancestors, angels and master level Spirit Guides that want to help you live your purpose and share your unique spiritual gifts. No secret there. In fact, your Guides have been with you since the day you were born.  You have been unconsciously guided by them your whole life.  The problem is, the older we get the more “noise” we have in our heads telling us to follow logic and established methods.  Well, when it comes to being divinely guided, sometimes you have to rely on FAITH and just know that the guidance is right for YOU and a BELIEF that you will be guided to YOUR success.  This BIG “magical secret” has three parts:

  1.       Connect with your Divine Guidance Council daily.
  2.       Follow the Guidance even if you are not sure about the outcome!
  3.      Take ACTION!  Once you know what to do, Do It!


I ignored my guidance in several areas of my life in my early years.  How do I know? Well the outcome was never what I had hoped or wished for.  After each experience, I found myself thinking, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that.”  You see in each of these cases I had a feeling that I wasn’t making the right choice.  It wasn’t until I started having a deeper connection to my Spirit Guides that I realized that following my intuition was the smarter choice and always the best decision.  I don’t take any major actions or make any big decisions without consulting my higher guidance.

Next time you are faced with a business decision, consult your higher source, follow the guidance and just see how it works.  Before you take that next workshop, consult with your guides and by all means, follow the guidance! You just may find your Guides know what is best for you.

Not sure where to start?  I would love to help you connect with your Guides and Divine Council.  After all, that is what I have been guided to do all of my life