Spirit of the Ancestors 


Three Spiritual Practices to connect with your Ancestors for Healing and Guidance




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Consulting a wise and respected elder in your family or community for advice is valuable. 


Connecting with a wise elder in the Spirit World can provide you with powerful wisdom and guidance. 


Many of our Ancestors believed guidance from those residing in the Spirit World provided specific support that can’t be received from those on earth.


In our Western cultures, we have lost our ceremonies and rituals that kept us in touch with our ancestors. In the United States particularly, most people cannot trace their ancestry back more than two or three generations.


The good news is, you do not need to know your ancestors to ask for their assistance. Your DNA is your connection and pathway to your wise Ancestors. 


Your ancestors are spirit guides and guardians that have your best interest in mind because they know you, your heritage and background.


If you want support with an issue that is disrupting your happiness and creating obstacles in your life, this ebook includes three spiritual practices that you can use to contact your ancestors when you need insight, wisdom, and support.


You will learn techniques to call on the ancestor who is in the best position to answer your specific question and you will be drawn to the right ancestor each and every time.


Spirit of the Ancestors


Three Spiritual Practices to Connect with Your Ancestors for Healing and Guidance


Learn three spiritual practices you can use immediately to connect with your Ancestors for guidance and wisdom in your relationships, career, business, soul’s purpose and finances.


Learn who your Ancestors are and why it is important to connect with them.


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