Use A Surrender Box to Release Your Worries and Burdens

 February 24, 2014
Posted by Dr. Monique

A  Surrender Box is a tool that you can use

to let go of your burdens so the universe

can take care of them for you.


There have been times in my life when my mind became too full for me to think or even meditate.  My to-do lists were so long I would toss and turn in bed thinking about all of the things I needed to accomplish and the deadlines that I may have missed or might miss if I am unable to accomplish everything.  One night my Spirit Guides shared a message, “Just Surrender.”  My first thought was, how do I do that when I have so much to do?  You can only imagine the conversations I was having with a non-physical being about surrendering and allowing the universe to help me.  After a few times of rejecting the guidance, I finally gave in and it WORKED.  Solutions to my worries became clear as I surrendered. 



There are times when your mind may become too full. Your to-do lists, worries, plans, and dreams may be so crowded together in your head that you don’t have room to think. You may even believe that you are somehow taking care of your business, desires and concerns by keeping them at the forefront of your mind on that “Mental to Do List.” When we retain a mental hold on every detail and are constantly worried about how things will turn out, we are actually preventing the realization of our dreams and the resolution to our worries because we won’t let them go. During these times, you may want to use what I call a Surrender Box. You can use a virtual box or create a physical Surrender Box.

A Surrender Box allows you to let go of your worries and desires so Your Divine Council of AngelsAncestors and Spirit Guides can handle them for you and guide you to the resources and resolutions you may be seeking.


How to Create a Surrender Box…. 


The first step for creating a Surrender Box is to select a box that inspires you, feels good and uplifts you.  You can purchase a fancy box or you can decorate your own. Your box should be a reflection of you. Select a box with your favorite colors, designs, shapes or sayings.   If you choose to create your own, have fun with your box.  You may even want to place you box in a special place.  I keep my surrender box on my altar in my home office.


Surrender box I


I created this Surrender Box for my mom.

It was one of the gifts I gave her for Christmas. 

She uses it often and she says it has been a calming force in her life.




How to use a Surrender Box….


Next week I will share with you how to use your newly created Surrender Box.

Have fun creating!





Dr. Monique – The International Business Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor teaches her clients how to connect with their Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors.  Her Channeling Spirit Guide Mastery clients learn how to use Surrender Boxes to help them create a deeper relationship with their Spirit Guides.  If you want to learn how to work with Spirit Guides, download Dr. Monique’s free Five-Part Video Series, Three Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Get Crystal Clear Answers.