Stacie Alexander
Long Beach, CA
Coaching and Consulting Services
Outside The Box: Helping Raise Successful Kids


“Being employed by the federal government for more than 15 years Dr. Monique coached, encouraged and to this day supports me in the journey of being an entrepreneur. Having two children and a home it was scary, but with her coaching and encouragement I AM LIVING a life’s dream! It has been 7 years and not only is she encouraging me to do more but I have not looked back at my “good government JOB.” I have MY own successful business… Thank you so much! You are quite an inspiration!”

Yvette Hutchon
Sacramento, CA
Educator and Owner


“Dr. Monique is truly a gift and gifted. The session I had with her was truly transforming. The shift in my work has ben profound. The information that came through Dr. Monique from my guides is information she had no way of knowing and validated information that they had been giving me. Dr. Monique’s ability to tap into the right and perfect guidance that I needed at the divine moment, inspired me and gave me permission to expand my gifts and release the fears that were blocking my way. I feel honored and blessed to have experienced Dr. Monique’s gifts. Thank you. Love and Light….”

Robin Klickstein
San Luis Obisto, CA
Certified ReConnective Healing® Practitioner
San Luis Obispo, CA


“As my business and life coach, Dr. Hunt provided me with fresh and innovative ideas. Her method of having the clients work from the inside out in order to allow their goals and visions to spring forward is very unique and refreshing. She guides you on a personal journey which empowers you and encourages individual thinking.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Dee Stephensen
Vallejo, CA
Tax Professional and Owner of DB’s Tax
& Business Consultants, LLC


“I have known Dr. Hunt for more than 9 years. She is a wonderful person, and an excellent life coach. She has helped me with life choices by listening attentively to what I was saying (and, maybe even more importantly, what I wasn’t saying) and making wonderful suggestions that helped me change my course of direction for the better. I made an inspiration board in one of her workshops 4 years ago that is as relevant today as it was then–I refer to it often. Dr. Hunt is as adept at presenting to groups as communicating one on one. Her warm, approachable personality makes it very easy to work through deep issues. She is constantly adding to her suite of product offerings in order to make her services more accessible to as many clients as possible. What’s wonderful about her workshops and counseling sessions is that the guidance that she gives you remains with you–accessible anytime. Unlike some seminars I’ve attend where 6 months later I don’t remember what I learned. I highly recommend Dr. Hunt’s services.”

Gerri Mungin
Huntersville, NC


Kari Kelley
Santa Clara, CA
Singer and Author of the book, Black,
Blind and Female to be released in 2011.



“I had the pleasure of getting a reading from Monique this weekend. It was great helped to clarify some long standing questions and helped me to see the path I had chosen was correct. Very validating and helpful!”

Shannon Holbrook, CA


“Dr. Monique is wonderful to work with! She is supportive, encouraging and is good at helping me see things more clearly. Dr. Monique’s intuitive work helped me to heal a past hurt. I’ve recently attended her vision book workshop…it also included some intuitive work. Every time I look at my book, I feel safe and encouraged.” Thank you!

Tamala B.
Oakland, CA




Holly Suso
Telmecula, CA