SoulAlignment is your direct path to happiness,

abundance, success and better relationships.

Living in Alignment with your Soul makes

life much easier and happier!


 The Soul is the “I” that inhabits your body.


The Soul is the spiritual essence of who we really are.


The Soul is a part of us that never dies. It is who we are at our core and it carries the messages and the lessons that we have learned in the past and will carry from this lifetime into the future.


Without the Soul, the body is like a computer without software, a light bulb without electricity or a car with no steering wheel.


A Soul is created in the womb of the spiritual realms where it acquires its purpose, mission, and identity.  It is then dispatched to a physical body to learn the lessons that allow it to live out that purpose both in the present and future.


When the body and Soul are aligned, it makes for a magnificent and dynamic combination.


Living in alignment with your Soul is as important to your happiness as food is for your physical survival.


Do you need a SoulAlignment?


When we are in alignment with our Soul, we are easily able to live our purpose, attract new opportunities, enjoy life more, and have more fulfilling relationships.  We are happier.


What happens when I am not aligned with my Soul?


During one of my readings, Spirit Guides shared the side effects of not being in sync with your Soul.


You become physically tired, and sadness, frustration, and disappointments occur more often.

You may experience an increase in conflicts with others.

You may feel disconnected or like there is a missing link to your happiness.

You might lack clarity about your purpose.


When your soul and your physical body are not aligned, you are not able to fully achieve the level of success, health, abundance and successful relationships you desire.

Although you may not experience all of these at once, if you are experiencing any of the side effects listed, you are probably out of sync with your Soul and are in need of a SoulAlignment.


How do I become in sync with my Soul?


Over the past year, my Spirit Guides have shared several techniques with me to help people realign fully with their Soul.  For some this might require investing 20-30 minutes a day, for others it might only take a day.


My Spiritual Readings are SoulAlignment sessions are focused on working with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors to help you align with your Soul.  They include energy healing work, cord cutting, and spiritual activations from your Guides and more. After all, your Soul and Spirit Guides know the best path to your happiness, success, well-being, and powerful relationships.


So, what are the side effects of being in alignment with your Soul?


When you and your actions are in alignment with your Soul, you create a Happiness Frequency that results in better relationships, greater abundance, deeper spiritual connections, well-being, joy, wealth, more opportunities and a happier lifestyle.


What happens after a SoulAlignment Reading Session?


After these sessions, my clients feel creative, happy, and inspired and they notice an increase in opportunities. They have said that life became easier and more abundant.  They experience more clarity and a deeper connection with their inner wisdom.


I would love to share these new sessions with you.
When you schedule your one – one Soul Alignment session, I have an additional gift for you.


I am hosting a 7 – Day SoulAlignment Journey designed to help you realign with your Soul! 

Your SoulAlignment Reading includes:


SoulAlignment Reading – Activation, Adjustment, and Coaching
One-One Session (45-minutes)


Mp3 recording of the session


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Your Bonus FREE 7-Day journey includes:


7 Daily Soul Alignment Assignments – Each assignment takes 10-15 minutes per day


A SoulAlignment Activation

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2 – 11 minute Abundance Activations


7-Day SoulAlignment Journal

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I look forward to connecting you with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors!