Partnering with Your Divine Village 

A Spirit Guide Transformation Retreat


With Your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Dr. Monique



Work with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors for one day and transform one pressing life issue!

Would you like to spend a day focused completely on you and what you want for your life?


A day being fully guided by the wisdom of your Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors as you gain the power, wisdom and inspiration to live your vision for your life?


A day that allows you to create a plan of action to release everything that is holding you back from something you deeply desire?


A day that makes you feel like you are uplifted and in control of your life?


A day that not only allows you to focus on your life vision but gives you a simple strategy and a clearly defined plan for living it?



I have spaces available to work with nine highly Motivated and Inspired people that are ready to experience a Spiritual Breakthrough and live in Alignment with their Soul.


Together with help from your Spirit Guides and Ancestors we will spend a day transforming your most pressing life challenge.


Spirit will guide you to the best choices and right actions to fully live your vision.


You will learn how to partner with your Divine Village of Ancestors and Spirit Guides for healing and guidance in all areas of your life.



Spend a Day with Me, Your Spirit Guides and Your Ancestors to:


  • Shift your mindset, release fear, self-sabotage and nagging doubts that freeze your progress.


  • Cut Spiritual Cords with the people, relationships or experiences that are no longer serving you.


  • Create an action plan to create an immediate shift in your life – finances, career, business, relationships or health.


  • Create a sustainable happy vision for your life and live inspired, empowered and with confidence.


  • Navigate through your blind spots and allow yourself to take full advantage of all opportunities surrounding you.


  • Immerse yourself in the rich insights and guidance of your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and me as we pour our wisdom into your vision.


  • Create a daily practice that keeps you in constant connection with the wisdom of your Divine Village of Spirit Guides and Ancestors.

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Your Spirit Guide Retreat


Your Custom Spirit Guide Transformation Retreat Includes:


  • Sacred Space Retreat Kit – Includes everything you need to create the perfect space for connecting with your Spirit Guides and Ancestor after and during your transformational retreat.

  • Three Session with Your Spirit Guides

Session #1 – Working with Spirit Guides and Ancestors – We will partner with your Divine Village of Angels, Ancestors and Spirit Guides to assist us during the day. A full Spiritual Reading – Connect with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors for direction, guidance, and healing. During your session, your guides will provide us with a clearly defined plan for the day.


Session #2 – Letting Go to Create a Flow – We will clarify your vision, release potential blocks, identify resources and call in the guidance of your Spirit Guide and Ancestors to help with your transformation.  This session will include an energy healing.


Session #3 – Your Daily Practice – We will create your Strategy Plan that will include action steps and spiritual practices to help you reach your vision.  We will connect with your Guides and Ancestors for additional guidance, and you will receive one daily practice they want you to use to stay connected with them for guidance as your journey unfolds.



  • Guided Journal Exercises and Activities to complete between sessions


  • Journaling Workbook


  • Transformation Strategy Plan 



  • Access to my Ask Your Spirit Guides Audio Program – ($97 Value)


  • A Customized Meditation to help you connect with your Spirit Guides – ($97 Value)


  • A Kindle Copy of my book:  Village Pearls – Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul


Your Investment in YOU – $997!


Yes, you read it right!

One day with me connecting with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides will cost only- $997.   ($1597 Value)


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I expect the nine spots to go very quickly!

 You will receive great bonuses valued at over $200!


Spirit Guide Retreats are customized and carefully designed to meet your specific needs.


I look forward to creating your custom designed Virtual Retreat!

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