Sacred Space ARTsignment™ Three

 December 5, 2014
Posted by Dr. Monique



Sacred Space

Part 3



This is our last ARTsignment™, leading up to our creation of Sacred Space for our Super Soul Journey Sunday together.  I’m looking forward to connecting with you all there!  By now you have a pretty clear idea of what your Sacred Space’s intention is, the feeling of it and of course what Sacred Space means to YOU!


Today, I invite you to take action and bring to being all that you discovered. Look around your home, go out in Nature, visit a thrift store…all the while collecting things that would reflect what you’ve discovered through the journaling and ARTsignments™ you’ve completed this week. Things that you want to include in your personal Sacred Space for our upcoming gathering.  Remember whatever calls to you is perfect, as we are all individuals with various likes/dislikes, inspirations and essences.


Here are three basic essentials that I like to include whenever I gather with others in a virtual Sacred Space…


~ Choosing a Candle to light during the gathering

~ Having a cup of tea or glass of water at hand

~ Finding a cozy seat, to comfortably enjoy the time I will be spending in Sacred Space


Now, I invite you to feel free to infuse it with your own unique essence…some examples are…


~ Burning incense or diffusing oils

~ Ring a bell or chime before our gathering starts

~ Burning more than one candle

~ Having an extra cup of tea or water for your Guides that will be joining the gathering with you

~ Creating an altar

~ Adding crystals to your Sacred Space

~ Bringing a shawl or your favorite blanket into your Sacred Space


These are just a few of many choices you have, as I said we are all unique, so whatever you are inspired to have in your Sacred Space is perfect.  And remember…Sacred Space doesn’t have to be in a room or even in your home…if a place in your garden, the forest or by the sea calls to you…that’s perfect to.  Bring any tools that you are inspired to include…or maybe none inspire you and that’s perfect too.  This is your space, your safe haven, make it your own.


I hope you enjoyed our journey leading up to Super Soul Sunday; if you are interested in learning more about Sacred Space, how to create and maintain it, I invite you to check out my new eCourse below.  As a thank you for allowing me to guide you into Sacred Space for our Super Soul Journey Sunday, I’m offering a discount to all who enroll this weekend!


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Allurynn Daugherty is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Certified ARTbundance™ Coach aside from the labels she’s known for being a Creative at heart, Miracle Embracer, Sacred Space Holder, Nature Lover, and an Alchemical Healing Channel. Ultimately, Allurynn holds Sacred Space where her clients or co-creative partners as she call them, can feel safe, nurtured, and loved as they do their own healing. Through engaging creativity and sharing Sacred tools she’s collected on her own healing journey for self-exploration and self-discovery; she assists each co-creative partner’s individual journey. Allowing them to feel emotions, find release, and receive knowledge from within; as they transform Energies, Vibrations, Emotions and Consciousness from one form to another. This promotes alignment, empowering her co-creative partners to achieve their most vibrant juicy life.

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