It is important to be able to express yourself in writing in a way that the reader finds enjoyable and easy to read and understand.  The written word leaves a lasting impression.  The way we punctuate and use our words in our written work makes a difference in how we are perceived.

My literary services include:

  • Proofreading

  • Light copy editing

  • Writer coaching

I am the author, editor and proofreader of numerous publications; including corporate annual reports, policies and procedures manuals, grant applications, newsletters, press releases and novels.  I co-authored a family history book.


I was chosen to participate in the Hurston-Wright Writer’s Week at Howard University.  I am a graduate of the University of San Francisco School of Public Administration, and I received my coach’s training from the Coach’s Institute.


I am committed to assisting my clients to communicate more effectively and to get their writing read.


Novanna Hunt is an excellent proofreader.  I call her my “word whisperer.”  She has worked on several of my manuscripts and has an expert command of the English language.

In addition to being highly skilled in grammar and word usage, she is adept at finding plot issues such as repetition, vocabulary errors, content errors and other issues that might otherwise go undetected in the hands of a less skilled proofreader.

Vonnie is very easy to work with.  She is always very professional but has a warm and easy way of delivering the results of her review.  She is very committed to her craft and continues to augment her already impressive skills by always looking for new tools to deepen and broaden her tool set.

Gerri Mungin, Author – From Lemons To Lemonade – My Journey From Loss to Renewal

From Lemons to Lemonade
My Journey From Loss to Renewal


Gerri Mungin 

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About Novanna E. Hunt


I am Novanna Hunt, a septuagenarian who has lived a wide range of personal and professional roles including; daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, widow, entrepreneur, retiree, elementary school teacher, director and grant writer for a county-wide nonprofit, and human resource director for two county-wide nonprofits.

While all of these are simply labels, titles or activities, I trust that as a result of the totality of the experience I’ve gained from them, I am simply a good person.  One who loves, cares, listens, gives and is always learning to be better.  One who is grateful, honest and lives each day with integrity and purpose.

My favorite activities are family gatherings, spending time with my grandchildren, watching baseball and football games, camping, travelling, reading, writing, scrapbooking and listening to music.  I am keenly interested in history, especially my family history.  I want to continue to learn and grow every day.

I have a BA in Public Administration, a certificate in Human Resource Management, and I am a graduate of the Coaches Institute of San Rafael, CA. However, I believe my 30 years of service and management in the nonprofit human service sector, my community volunteer work, and my 50 years of parenting are what provide me with so much fuel.

I am a published writer and proofreader.  I have written narrative essays about my life experiences, my thoughts, and my observations in hopes of sharing what I’ve learned.  Recalling my experiences motivates me to grow from them. Sharing my experiences in the spirit of helping to inspire or motivate others brings me joy and satisfaction.