What is my Spirit Guide’s name?

 October 21, 2015
Posted by Dr. Monique

What is my Spirit Guide’s name? 


I am frequently asked that question as if not knowing their name means they don’t exist.  I know having a name may make them feel more real to you,  but honestly, your Guides are not caught up in names.  Some will reveal their names while others just don’t care.  The cool thing is; you can give them a name.  Choose a name.  Select one that feels right for you.  They will respond to whatever you call them because ultimately, they are responding to your vibrational energy and not your words.

During your life journey, if you are open, you will meet many Spirit Guides. Some will come to assist you with a life lesson or a project. Others will come to help you with your health, wealth, business, and relationships.  Guides have specific responsibilities and will assist you depending on your needs.  It is more important to know which Guide to connect to than it is to have the name of the Guide.  Asking your Spirit Guides for help is simple.  Just ask!

For some of us, their presence is apparent, but for others it may feel like you are alone, isolated, and cut off from your Spirit Guides. The good news is, you are not. They are like the water pipes in your home.  You don’t see them, but they are in the background working to deliver fresh water to you.   Your Guides are always willing to provide you with guidance; you just have to know how to tune into the Guide’s vibration to experience the flow.

Over the next several weeks, I will share with you a few of the Guides that are available to you. We have many Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Ascended Masters that are supporting us on our soul’s path.

I look forward to sharing a few of the more common Guides with you.

Next time you are wondering, what to call your Spirit Guides, be creative, have fun and give them a name that warms your heart.  It is not that serious!

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