Intuition or Spirit Guides?

 October 14, 2015
Posted by Dr. Monique

What is the difference between Intuition and Spirit Guide messages?



Frequently I am asked this question, “What is the difference between Intuition and Spirit Guide messages?”


How many times have you found yourself saying, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that.”? Or “My intuition told me that I shouldn’t have gone out tonight.” Maybe your intuition told you to connect with someone, and you did and the result was the best business connection ever.  Perhaps you call it your gut instinct.  CEO’s use it, parents are often expert intuitives, and many business owners see it as a must-have tool for their business.   If we follow it, we can often avoid some painful relationships with that guy called, Bobo, the clown!


So what is the difference between your intuition and messages from your Spirit Guides? Your intuition is the voice of your Spirit Guides.  When you intuitively know something is right or wrong, your Guides are sending you messages based on your vibrational energy.  Your intuition decodes the messages so that you can receive the guidance in a form that you can understand.  For people who don’t know how to connect with their Spirit Guides; your intuition is the best way for Spirit to connect with you.  When you do connect with them like I do, they will speak to you directly.


You can enhance your intuitive development by learning how to connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors and doing it consistently.  They know your Soul’s path and your life lessons. They can guide you to the best solutions to your life challenges.


We all have it, but some seldom use it!  Your intuition is a gift.  Next time your intuition tells you something, follow it and thank your Spirit Guides for knowing what you need!