Healing Historical Unresolved Grief

 July 19, 2017
Posted by Dr. Monique

“We inherit the experiences of our Ancestors – the challenges, successes, disappointments, loss, and struggle.  “Historical unresolved grief” emanating from our Ancestors’ loss of land, lives, homes, and culture is like a fire that won’t die, reigniting itself in each new generation.”  Dr. Monique

Trauma from Hidden Grief can be devastating, surfacing as depression, anxiety, health problems, substance abuse, loss of hope and relationship issues. Without proper ceremonies to wipe the tears of survivors, people might be carrying some of the grief from the ancestors for many generations into the future.



The tangled effects of that ancestral hidden grief can be unknowingly impacting our lives.  You may not notice it now, but when you clear the pain, you will experience a shift.  Things will become easier in every aspect of your life.


There are many ways to release the hidden grief passed down from your Ancestors. In our western society, we do not do a great job with healing from grief.  We often run from it, deny it or don’t talk about it at all.


Take a moment and think about some of the historical challenges your family endured.  Make a list of the personal trauma stories that were shared with you and look back over the history of the country you currently live in and the indigenous land of your Ancestors.  Make a list of the losses and struggles your Ancestors endured.   With your list in hand, say this prayer:


Ancestors, I am sorry for the struggles and pain you endured.  I appreciate your sacrifice.  
Thank you for your guidance and strength.  May you be at peace.  Thank you.  


I am extremely passionate about clearing hidden grief.  I know first-hand the benefits of helping my Ancestors clear their grief and how it transformed my life. The healing starts with you and will heal current and future generations.


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