Listen to the  complimentary Ancestral Healing Workshops with

Charan Surdhar and Dr. Monique below and then join us for


 HART – Health, Abundance, Relationships, Transformation

FOUR powerful Ancestral Healing and Transformation Workshops!

Are you experiencing illness, relationship challenges, career/business struggles or financial issues?


Are you desperately seeking a transformation so that you can be happier and more at peace?


Have you tried the Law of Attraction, workshops, lectures, self-help books, positive thinking, meditation and other healing techniques to create a transformation in your life with little or no success?

Dr. Monique and Charan know precisely how it feels to try so hard to be happy, successfully and health, but experience only minor or no results.



What if we told you, it isn’t you?  (You might be unconsciously re-living your Ancestors’ stories.)



What if we told you, your challenges are possibly in your DNA? (Charan’s Ancestral Healings and work with epigenetics can help you experience a positive expression in your genes.)



What if we told you, your Ancestors’ challenges, successes, losses, and struggles might be impacting your ability to have a happy, financially rewarding life with great relationships and vibrant health?  (Dr. Monique’s Ancestral StoryClearing work will help you create a path enabling you to thrive in your life purpose.)



What if we told you, your financial struggles might be inherited trauma that can be healed to help you create abundance in your life?


If you have attended one of Charan Surdhar and Dr. Monique’s workshop, then you know their combined Ancestral Healing, and StoryClearing work is powerful and has caused profound transformations for their clients in all areas of life.  


Charan Surdhar the Epigeneticist and

Dr. Monique the Sacred Celebrant and Ancestor Griot

are uniting their healing power and

love for the Ancestors to offer a

unique Healing Experience called

H.A.R.T  –
Healing, Abundance, Relationship, and Transformation

using Ancestral Healing and StoryClearing.


Our new program called


H.A.R.T –

Health, Abundance, Relationships, and Transformation


is designed to tap into your DNA so that you can express the

Health, Vitality, and Well-being that exists within you.

You know how we tend to believe that if our parents have diabetes or high blood pressure or some other kind of what is considered inherited diseases, that we are going to end up with it too? 

Charan’s Ancestral Healings empowers people just like YOU to let go of being a victim to your DNA and instead to ignite the power that is waiting to be tapped into in your DNA so that you can express the Health, Vitality, and Well-Being that exists within you. Charan will talk to you about how in 95% of the cases we can have a positive expression in our genes. You do have control over your biology.

We inherit the experiences of our Ancestors – the challenges, successes, disappointments, loss, and struggle.  “Historical unresolved grief” emanating from our Ancestors’ loss of land, lives, homes, and culture is like a fire that won’t die, reigniting itself in each new generation.

Dr. Monique’s Ancestral StoryClearings help you release Ancestors’ stories that are causing unconscious grief in your life.  This hidden grief creates major blocks to your success, happiness, and well-being.  If your Ancestors have a history of loss, abandonment, fertility issues, relationship betrayal, financial struggles or trauma chances are those experiences are causing unconscious blocks in your life. Dr. Monique’s unique Intuitive gift allows her to uncover the stories of your Ancestors for more than 14 generations so that you can release their traumas, identify and clear your blocks, and partner with your Ancestors for happiness in all areas of your life.


I’ve heard enough, I’m Ready to Register!

Listen to the workshop with Charan and Dr. Monique below and learn how they magically work together to provide healings in their workshop.

How Does the HART Series Work?


We will have Four Ancestral Healing Session focused on each of the HART areas – Health, Abundance, Relationships, and Transformation.


You can attend the workshops by phone, online or listen to the recorded replay of each workshop.  (We will do healings live, but you can submit your questions prior to the workshop if you can’t attend the live session.)


You will receive a:


Healing Session during group calls


Transformation Plan and Spiritual Practices specific to your life challenges


Healing Messages and Guidance from your Ancestors (You don’t have to know or like them to experience a healing.)


Communication technique to connect with your Ancestors for Guidance


Ancestor Altar ebook and Creating Sacred Space Guide.



We are inviting only 10 people who are ready to experience a profound transformation to take this Healing Journey with us. 


We are inviting only a small group so that we can focus on YOU during the healing sessions.

This workshop is for you if you:


Feel Blocked in any area of your life


Are fearful of developing any Disease


Are unHappy


Are experiencing Relationship issues


Want to learn how to communicate with your Ancestors and learn more about how they can help you


Are having Financial struggles


Are ready for a Transformation


 Join us for HARTRegister today!



Spaces are filling up rapidly!  Reserve your spot for this Unique Healing Experience!

The First Workshop is on October 18. 


All workshops will be recorded so that you can attend the session live or by phone.  You can submit your healing questions prior to the workshop.


You will be invited to participate in a private HART Facebook Group where we will offer support, guidance and maybe even some mini Facebook live workshops between HART Series Sessions.


This program will provide you with tons of support, that is why we are inviting only 10 people to participate in the program.

Listen to our complimentary Ancestral Healing Workshop.

Caution: You may experience your own healing while listening

to these workshop replays!


Dr. Monique and Charan - Ancestral Healing Workshops Replays!