Forgive and Forget – Can We?

 May 4, 2013
Posted by Dr. Monique

Forgive and Forget – Can We?

Bury the hatchet. Let bygones be bygones. Kiss and make up.

We have so many ways of describing forgiveness, but so few strategies for achieving it. Until now!

The key to letting go of our past relationship stories is to understand the soul lessons that these relationships were designed to teach us. From there, with the help of your Spirit Guide Council you can begin to release these stories for good. I know, sometimes it feels like revenge would be a more fulfilling answer, but really it isn’t! Letting go of the stories doesn’t mean you are saying the incident didn’t happen or that it was okay that someone mistreated you. Releasing the stories is a win for you! Why? Because when you release the stories and allow yourself to heal, you also allow better and more soul-aligned relationships to enter into your life. When you seek revenge, you tell the universe, “I want more painful relationships in my life!”


Why should you release these stories?


Well for obvious reasons, you want to have more uplifting, supportive, kind and loving people in your life. But even bigger than having a supportive community of fabulous people, HEALING and RELEASING your stories is simply good for your HEALTH! Scientist agree, hanging on to your stories, and holding a grudge can cause stress and have a toxic effect on your body. It can raise your blood pressure and your risk of stroke and heart attack. It can impair the functioning of your immune system by disrupting the cytokines (protein molecules that carry messages between cells) that govern inflammation. Yes, repeating these unhealthy stories in your mind or to friends over and over can make you sick!

We have all experienced the feeling of someone hurting us deeply. The question is, will we let our pain hang on to our hearts, eat away our joy and shield us from having healthier relationships? Or, will we release these stories and allow people we are destine to connect with flow into our lives easily and effortlessly? Your soul and your Spirit Guide Council want to help you connect with your soul-aligned partners, clients and mate.

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