Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

 October 10, 2015
Posted by Dr. Monique

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

As a child, my parents knew I was an old soul, and they unconsciously empowered me to appreciate my gifts with their support and guidance.  They encouraged my many questions and my desire to sit at the knee of my intuitive elders to hear their stories.  Unfortunately, the outside world wasn’t nearly as accepting or supportive.

When my friends’ parents found out that I wasn’t a member of a church and didn’t attend one regularly,  an evil look followed.   The exchange would always include, “You should come to church with us, I am surprised your parents don’t take you to church.”  It was said as if attending church was the only way that a child could be raised to be an educated,  respectable adult that contributes to society.  I am living proof that their theory wasn’t accurate.    As I think back on it, the thought of it is hilarious because many of their children were in trouble, drinking, smoking, ditching school and neglecting their schoolwork.  What I didn’t realize at the time, is every time this happened, I became increasingly self-conscious and wondered, what is wrong with me.  No one religion resonated with me, and still doesn’t.  I had questions that most church leaders didn’t want to hear.  I usually got an “I’ll pray for you look” and some were even bold enough to say it.  Being concerned about what others would think about my secret ability caused me to hide my gifts for years.  Finally, I couldn’t hide anymore.  When you are called by the Creator to do something different, and your soul is urging you to live your purpose, it becomes increasingly difficult to hide your gifts. Your Soul’s urge is similar to that pain you get in your stomach when you have gone too long without eating. Eventually, you will have to give in and eat.  Eventually, you have to live your purpose.

I remember telling my mom that I wanted to teach people how to communicate with their Spirit Guides and focus my business on connecting people with the spiritual realms.  I always knew my mother was intuitive, after all she always knew when something was wrong or when my brother and I were making faces behind her back as she was disciplining us. We didn’t dare do it to her face! I watched her use her intuitive abilities on her job to make accurate hiring decisions and do investigations as a human resource director.  Perhaps that is why she wasn’t surprised when I wanted to refocus my business.

With my mother’s support and the encouragement of a few close friends, I came out of the “spiritual closet.” I announced to my friends, family and everyone on my mailing list that I was offering spiritual readings. With that announcement, hiding was no longer an option.  Many supported me and hired me to help them on their journey.  There were a few that were critical, but I learned that when you surround yourself with a wise group of people and your Spiritual Council, the voices of your critics will quickly fade away.  I would be lying if I said that I’m never concerned about what people think, but I no longer let it stop me from sharing my work.   What I now know for sure is that guidance from the spiritual realm is a natural part of life.  If you allow yourself to experience the magical connection with Spirit, you will be guided to make the most empowering decisions.    I know that being connected to your Spirit Guides can be used to steer you towards happiness and fulfillment, and it will improve your life. All you need to do is trust that you are being guided, create a relationship with your guides, and the information will flow.  Simply Ask Your Spirit Guides, they will guide you to the best decisions.

Are you ready to come out?  Out of the closet, corporate America, hiding, or whatever it is. If you want a spiritual mentor to support you on your journey, I would be honored to guide you with the help of your Spirit Guides.