• Are painful experiences from your past relationships preventing you from attracting love?


  • Are there experiences from your past that are causing you to feel you can’t move forward?


  • Perhaps you had a terrible experience with a friend and now you are not sure who you can trust?


  • Are old messages from your childhood blocking your abundance and causing you to live in fear or lack?


  • Do you feel like something is blocking you from living the life of your dreams, but not sure what?



Perhaps it is time to energetically release the past!


“You may need to close one door before opening and walking through another.” ~Dr. MoNique


Life is a collage of beginnings and endings. Yet sometimes before we begin a new phase in life, we must first achieve closure of the phase we are in to fully experience the joy and opportunity of a new beginning.


Relationships are always a great example of this need for closure. Sometimes when people are unhappy in a relationship, they run to the next person and think this relationship will be better. Sometimes it is, but rarely. I always say, “Where you go, there you are.” Usually we bring the old baggage and unfinished business with us and at some point our “stuff” shows up again. Some of us think our situation is the result of a series of bad choices or bad people, but that may not be the full answer.


The Soul Journey Meditation –
Closure – Releasing the Past meditation kit will help you
release the past and welcome new beginnings!

The kits included:


CD02A guided meditation to crystal bowl music -Digital mp3- Connect with your Spirit Guides




Book_02A ejournal (Download) – Record your journey with your Spirit Guides



An affirmation – Use the affirmation to release the past 

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