What happens when an Epigeneticist


an Ancestor Intuitive Griot come together?



Charan Surdhar,  the epigeneticist, and

Dr. Monique the Ancestor Intuitive Griot, and Sacred Celebrant

are uniting once again for Healing with the Ancestors.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

10 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT / 6 PM UK

During this FREE workshop,

Charan will provide Ancestral Healing to express the power in your DNA, and

Dr. Monique will connect with your Grandmothers in the Spirit World

going back 14 generations to provide you with messages and

guidance to accelerate healing in all areas of your life.


Several guests will be selected to receive anin-the-moment healingwith the combined power of Dr. Monique and Charan.  During the healing, all listeners will experience a shift in their own lives.

You know how we tend to believe that if our parents have diabetes or high blood pressure or some other kind of what is considered inherited diseases, that we are going to end up with it too? 

Charan is an epigeneticist. She empowers people just like YOU to let go of being a victim to your DNA and instead to ignite the power that is waiting to be tapped into in your DNA so that you can express the Health, Vitality, and Well-Being that exists within you. Charan will talk to you about how in 95% of the cases we can have a positive expression in our genes. You do have control over your biology.

We inherit the experiences of our Ancestors – the challenges, successes, disappointments, loss, and struggle.  “Historical unresolved grief” emanating from our Ancestors’ loss of land, lives, homes, and culture is like a fire that won’t die, reigniting itself in each new generation.

The stories of your Ancestors are often re-lived through you.  The names change, and circumstances might be different, but the outcome is often the same.  Your Ancestors’ stories might empower you, and some may create blocks leaving you wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns, or why life does not seem to work the way you envisioned.   With assistance from your Ancestors, Dr. Monique uses Ancestral Storing Clearing to help you clear the stories both yours and your Ancestors that are causing hidden grief and blocks in your life.

Our new program called H.A.R.T

Healing, Abundance, Relationships, and Transformation

is designed to tap into your DNA so that you can express

Health, Vitality, and Well-being that exists within you.

Join Charan Surdhar and Dr. Monique E. Hunt

and connect with the Ancestors for HART-

Healing, Abundance, Relationships, and Transformation.


This Free Workshop is on Wednesday, October 4, 2017,  at

10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM BST

This workshop is for you if you:


Feel Blocked in any area of your life

Are fearful of developing any Disease

Are unHappy

Are experiencing Relationship issues

Want to learn more about your Ancestors and how they can help you

Are having Financial struggles

Are ready for a Transformation


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