How would you like to Connect with your DIVINE GUIDANCE Council to…..


  • Have instant answers to your questions, and know that you’re making the RIGHT decision?
  • Become CRYSTAL CLEAR about who you are, what you do, what your PURPOSE is?
  • Know the BEST DIRECTION for your business?
  • Walk through the world with a deep sense of Peace, Comfort, and Trust?
  • Know how to CLEAR love blocks and heal from past relationships?


Special Offer!


A number of people have been asking me lately if I still do individual Channeled Intuitive Readings.  The answer is YES!  Although most of my programs are focused on helping my clients channel their own Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors, I still enjoy doing readings.  In fact, I still get channeled readings from my spiritual teachers from time to time.  I find that sometimes our internal noise makes it difficult to connect to our higher guidance and it can be helpful to seek out support from a professional intuitive.  All this to say, if you are ready for a Channled Intuitive Reading with me, I have a special offer for people who sign up this week! 



I am offering a 60-minute

Channeled Intuitive Reading for $197.
($250 Value)


Your reading includes:


·       Mp3 recording of your session

·       Numerology Chart

·       A Personal Guided Meditation  


I have a limited number of spaces for this offer!  This package is available for the first 10 people who sign up and schedule an appointment.  The last time I made an offer like this, the spaces were sold out in one day. So if you are interested, I encourage you to sign up by clicking this link NOW.  


 Yes I Am In!  Sign me up …. Complete the form and payment below.  My team will contact you by email within TWO business days to schedule your appointment!