Benefits of Guided Meditation

 August 12, 2013
Posted by Dr. Monique

Benefits of Guided Meditation

In our increasingly stressful world guided mediation is growing in popularity as people search for new ways to relax, de-stress, enhance their quality of life and accelerate their spiritual development.

Traditional unguided mediation techniques, while extremely powerful, are often challenging for a person just starting a meditation practice because you have to keep your mind focused and as clear as possible.  Guided meditation leads you into a state of meditation by spoken word guidance and imagery.  You are guided step by step into a state of relaxation and peace.  Guided meditation isn’t only easy, it is an extremely powerful tool for personal and spiritual development.    


Guided meditation helps you achieve a deeper state of inner stillness so that your mind can be cleared of clutter and unwanted thoughts that are replaced with vivid visualizations leading to profound healing and personal development breakthroughs.   


In the Sunday “Your WeeklyOM” I use guided visualization and imagery to help participants connect with their Divine Council of Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Angels so that they can bring their questions, challenges, problems and issues to the Council for guidance.   


There are many benefits of guided meditation and everyone’s experience can be a little different. 


Here are a few that my clients have shared with me: 


Deeper connection to their intuition 

Enhanced Creativity 

Increased wealth 

Improved performance in business and sports 

Increased energy 

Improved relationships 

Increased confidence 

Deep relaxation 

Confidence to live his/her purpose 

Deeper connection with his/her Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Angels 

Better decision making ability 

Emotional and physical healing 


You can bring more happiness, more wealth, greater power, better health and more creativity into your life using guided meditation.   


How will guided meditation benefit you?  I don’t know, but isn’t it time you found out?  You might discover that it is the answer to your challenges! 


Dr. Monique, The Business Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Your Weekly OM,  teachers Spiritual Entrepreneurs how to channel their Spirit Guides and their client’s guides so that they can be clear and confident about decisions, grow their business faster and help their clients get amazing results.