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Clear the Nine Ancestral Karmic Stories that disrupt your happiness and health.


When the suffering and hardships of the past are no longer a part of your energetic body, you create a flow of happiness, purpose, love, and abundance that is your innate birthright.

Ancestor Wisdom School’s


A Year of StoryClearing Ceremonies



The Sacred Celebrant
Ancestor Griot
Ancestral StoryClearing Practitioner

You are invited to join the Ancestor Wisdom School for
a year of StoryClearing Ceremonies!



Scientific research has shown that the traumas and hardships of your ancestors are embedded in your DNA. These Karmic Stories create adversity and struggle in your life.


The Karmic stories of your Ancestors influence your life, decisions, relationships, soul’s purpose, health, and career.


Ancestral StoryClearing is an advanced healing technique enabling you to energetically travel back into your family’s past to energetically release an unwanted embedded family story thereby allowing you to experience more happiness, health, love, prosperity and more fulfilling relationships.


StoryClearing also benefits your children and all of your descendants.

Your Ancestors are ready and willing to provide you with guidance.


They may no longer be alive in their bodies, but your Ancestors continue to exist in yours.


Your DNA includes the gifts, blessings, and traumas of the many thousands of loved ones who came before you.


So, not only are your Ancestors alive in your body, their mission from the Spirit World is to help you with your life journey.


Your Ancestors can assist you with all that you face in your daily life.

Dr. MoNique helps you travel back into your family’s past to connect with the Ancestors who share your DNA.


She partners with your ancestors who can participate in healing the effects of trauma in your genetic line.


Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are always with you. Their wisdom is a profound source of guidance.


Learn how to partner with them to create incredible relationships, experience profound self-love, release the past and embrace happiness.


During the monthly Ancestral StoryClearing Ceremonies, you will be guided to the Ancestors whose stories might be negatively impacting your life.


During the StoryClearing Wisdom Calls, you will receive Spiritual Practices that will help you release the stories and partner with your Ancestors to bring more joy into your life.

How is this program unique?



Each month we will focus on a new theme – One of the Nine Karmic Stories.  You will have an opportunity to clear old imprints, unhealthy beliefs, unresolved stress and the Karmic Stories that are disrupting your happiness during the Ceremonies and Wisdom Circles. Dr. Monique will provide StoryClearing for people who raise their hand. It is highly recommended that you attend the live calls to receive the one on one StoryClearing. However, you also have the option of submitting your stories for clearing before the ceremony.



Dr. Monique’s live group StoryClearing Ceremonies include coaching with your Ancestors and profoundly transformational guided meditations with the Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Angels.




You will receive custom designed sacred ceremonies to help you clear blocks to your dreams.



This is more than a home study course leaving you with the frustration of learning on your own.


You will have many opportunities to receive support from Dr. Monique and the Ancestor Wisdom School guests teachers every month!



The spiritual practices and workshops will easily fit into your life no matter how busy you are!

Each month we will focus on one of the Nine Karmic Stories that has been shared by many generations in your lineage that now has been passed to you and is impacting your life.



You will go on a guided journey to discover how these Karmic Stories are showing up in your life, career, relationships or finances.

The most common Karmic Stories that disrupt our happiness are:











Clear the Nine Karmic Stories and create these New Stories!











During the ceremonies and wisdom circles, you will be guided to the Ancestors whose stories you are re-living.



We will heal the energetic wounds and invite them to support you in your own healing.



The Ancestors will offer Spiritual Practices and Rituals that will help you release your stories, fulfill your purpose and create more happiness in your life.

How do you know this is right for you?



You or members of your family have experienced or are experiencing one or more of the Nine Karmic Stories.


You can’t seem to release past experiences, and heartache.


You are filled with grief.


You make unhealthy relationship decisions and continue to repeat the same relationship mistakes.


You feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed making it difficult to focus.


You have conflicts with family and friends.


Your money flow is slow, or nonexistent, creating financial struggles.


You are a coach, or a healer, and feel stuck in your personal development and can’t move forward.


You want to be happy, but feel hopeless in some area of your life, whether it is your relationship with yourself or others or your career.


Your self-esteem is low, and it is showing up in your life as broken relationships and financial hardships making it challenging to move forward in a way that feels aligned with your soul.


If you resonate with one or more of the statements above, this program is for you!

How does it work?


Every month you will receive an email that includes the monthly Karmic Story and the links to the monthly Ceremonies and Wisdom Circles.



You can attend the live sessions or email 48 hours in advance with the Karmic story that you want Dr. MoNique to answer during the StoryClearing Wisdom Circle.



All calls are recorded for replay.



Monthly payments are reoccurring and are billed on the same date each month.


Registration fees are separate from the monthly fee. Registration fees are waived for first time members. Re-sign ups will be subject to the registration fee and an increased monthly fee based on the current membership fee.


What is included?


Monthly StoryClearing Ceremony and Wisdom Circle:


One monthly Ancestral StoryClearing Ceremony – Group Session – 90 minutes (Attend by phone or Online)

A group meditation and healing ceremony to connect with the Ancestors and release the Karmic Story.
Receive Ancestor Guidance and Spiritual Practices.


One monthly Wisdom Circle – Group Session – 90 minutes (Attend by phone or Online)

Ancestral StoryClearing –  One on One StoryClearing work with Dr. MoNique.  Channeled Clearings from your Ancestors are offered during this call.  You will receive specific actions from your Ancestors to help you clear a Karmic Story and to help with any areas of your life impacted by the Karmic Story.


Live Q and A during each session


Support Village – Private Facebook Group membership to communicate with Dr. MoNique and other members between sessions


Ancestral StoryClearing Forgiveness Prayer and Healing Meditation-Mp3


Altar and Sacred Space Creation Guide- ebook PDF


SpiritTalks with Spiritual Teachers


25% savings on private StoryClearing Session with Dr. MoNique (For members only.)


Powerful clearing and healing prayers during the calls to accelerate your StoryClearing


Remote healing sent to you throughout the month


All sessions are by phone/online and they are recorded and will be made available in the Ancestor Wisdom School Library for current members.


All of our Sessions will be on the Second Thursday and Fourth Tuesday each month.  Guest Teacher Calls are scheduled between sessions.


You’ll be able to use as much or as little of the materials as you want or need to connect with your Ancestors.  Use the program in the way that works best for you.



We will have sessions with a Guest teacher, and as a member,  you will be able to submit questions and receive coaching and intuitive readings in the moment.


Everything is accessible online in PDF and Mp3 format.




Week One – Journaling Questions – Karmic Story Selection

Connect with your Ancestors and Spirit Elders using a journal guide to help you focus on the theme for the month

Second Thursday – Ancestors StoryClearing Ceremony

A group meditation and healing ceremony to connect with the Ancestors and release the Karmic Story.  Receive Ancestor Guidance and Spiritual Practices.  Lessons and guidance from the Ancestors. Learn techniques for communicating with your Spirit Elders. Learn how to integrate the messages you receive from your Ancestors into your life.

SpiritTalks with Dr. MoNique – Spiritual Teachers Forum 

Occasionally, guest teachers are invited to present a workshop on various spiritual topics to support you with your transformation.  The Spiritual Teachers Forum is 60- 90 minutes and is recorded for replay.  The Spiritual Teacher will share a special ceremony.  Ancestor Wisdom School participants will receive priority during the  Q/A with the Guest Teacher.

Fourth Tuesday – Ancestor Wisdom Circle & Q/A

Ancestral StoryClearing –  One on One StoryClearing work with Dr. MoNique.  Channeled Clearings from your Ancestors are offered during this call.  You will receive specific actions from your Ancestors to help you clear a Karmic Story and to help with any areas of your life impacted by the Karmic Story.  You will receive a new spiritual practice each month.

Enhance Your Career &  Business

With the help of your Ancestors, the Professors, and our highly skilled teachers, you will experience a total emergence into a spiritual awakening that will shift your life and create lasting powerful and magnificent changes.

Align Your Soul Message & Purpose

Your Ancestors will help you understand your Soul Message, your Spirit Guides will support you by helping you to clarify your purpose, and the facilitators we have selected will help you devise a plan to live courageously.

 Transform Your Relationships

Release Ancestral Karma that is preventing you from experiencing extraordinary relationships. Let your Ancestors guide you to incredible relationships. Heal from past relationships.

Join us now and become a member of the

Ancestor Wisdom School!



Your Ancestors are joyously waiting to support you!


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The Karmic StoryClearing Theme for November is:


Clearing Grief Karmic Stories  – Creating Wellness and Happiness


The Karmic StoryClearing Theme for December is:


Clearing One of the Nine Karmic Stories  – Select the Karmic Story You Want to Focus on Most!


 Frequently Asked Questions:


What if I don’t know my Ancestors?

You don’t need to know your Ancestors to receive a StoryClearing. Although we work with the most recently deceased, most of the StoryClearing requires work with Ancestors 4-14 generations back. Knowing where your Ancestors were from through family stories or DNA test is often helpful.


I am adopted, will StoryClearing help me?

Yes. We will connect with your blood and adopted Ancestors. I like to say; you are extra special because you have an even larger village of Ancestors to support you.


What if I can’t attend the live call?

You can submit your question by email or in the Chatbox provided with each call up to 48 hours before the start of the session. I will do your StoryClearing during the live ceremony, and it will be available to you during the replay.


What if I didn’t have a good relationship with my Ancestors?

Most of the Ancestors we are partnering with, you have probably never met. Although you may have had a challenging relationship with your more recently deceased family members, your work with the more evolved Ancestors from four or more generations back will help you release the anger or grief you are experiencing.


What types of Ancestors do you work with?

We work with your blood-related Ancestors, historical Ancestors, Spirit Guides and adopted family Ancestors.


If you have more questions, feel free to contact Dr. MoNique to schedule a discussion or send an email with your questions.  

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