Awakening Game – By Paul Hoyt

 March 26, 2016
Posted by Dr. Monique

The Awakening Game

Village Pearls – Sacred Practices to Nourish Your Soul 


By Paul Hoyt

We all start on our Journey of Awakening in different ways. For some, it is an epiphany, a sudden explosion of insight that takes them by surprise. Or it could be a near-death experience, a psychedelic trip, a powerful inspirational message, or a response to holding a newborn baby in our arms. We experience a Breakthrough in Consciousness; we tap into our Greatness, and our lives are never the same.

From that moment on, we are compelled to experience Awakening again. Our Spirit yearns for another encounter, a higher vibration, and a return to that state of Connection and Awareness. We want to capture it and make it permanent. The pursuit of Higher Consciousness becomes an obsession and the most important game of our life.

We work hard to recreate the Awakening experience, to solve the puzzle of Enlightenment. We read great books, go to workshops, join spiritual communities, listen to great teachers, and seek powerful physical experiences to trigger another Awakening Moment.  And it works!  We have another experience, and then another and another. They may be months or years apart, but they happen.

And then we realize the power we have to shift our energy, to intentionally raise our vibration through meditation, prayer, or yoga, and we start a daily practice.  Once a day, then twice a day, then perhaps moving to three or four times a day, we purposefully and consciously carve out the time to reduce our stress, change or let go of our thoughts, and raise our vibration. We get a spiritual teacher, coach, support group or all three to help us let go of the crap that’s holding us back, and we learn new ways of elevating our Spirit.

Much like we can practice golf, tennis, singing, playing a musical instrument, or Yoga, Awakening becomes easier and deeper over time. We begin to embrace the truth that Awakening is a learned skill and a talent we can all develop. We begin to play The Awakening Game at a new and higher level.

We learn that there are hundreds or even thousands of ways to shift our energy. We can take a deep breath, stretch, take a walk, slow down our thoughts, simply think different thoughts, have a drink, get a bite to eat, say a poem, sing a song, or listen to music. The list goes on and on. We begin to practice extreme self-awareness, checking in with ourselves perhaps a dozen times a day, and then doing something to Awaken again. We Practice our Awakening more and more frequently and build the habit of higher consciousness. One day we realize that we have Awakened 50,000 times or more, and it has become a part of who we are. We slip into unconsciousness and the shadows from time to time, but we don’t stay there more than a few seconds or minutes before we Awaken Again. The Game continues.

Then we begin to experience the Spontaneous Silence. Our thoughts simply stop without effort or intention, and we begin to experience the Now in a completely new way. Our thoughts no longer mask the essence of our being. We become aware of the programs running in our subconscious mind, understand the Journey of our Lifetime, discover our childhood survival strategies, and heal ourselves at the deepest levels.

And then, in the advanced levels of the Game, we reach the glorious state of Awakening with every breath, every thought, every heartbeat, and every experience. Living in the Now, we see each moment in the context of our lifetime and feel One with all people and all things.

Like the waves upon the shore, we are flooded with Love and Light continuously. We pray without ceasing. We become our Higher Selves and a light unto the world. And we humbly and joyfully share our Journey with anyone who is interested, to help them win The Awakening Game, too.


Where are you in your personal Awakening Game? Do you have a daily practice? Are you shifting your energy dozens of times a day? Do you have a vast collection of poems, prayers, songs, mantras, and insights you can use to facilitate your Awakening whenever you choose? Do you have a spiritual teacher or coach? Do you walk in the Silence and feel One with all things?

Keep playing. You will.



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