I Work with Spirit Guides and You Can Too!

Ask Your Spirit Guides!  How to Connect with Your Divine Guidance.



Chances are you are on this page because you want to Connect with Your Spirit Guides so that you can:


  • Have instant answers for any question at any time, and always know that you’re making the RIGHT decision.
  • Become crystal clear about who you are, what you do, what your purpose is.
  • Provide an amazing transformation for your clients, get more referrals, and make more money
  • Grow your business with ease and confidence instead of struggle and doubt.
  • Walk through the world with a deep sense of peace, comfort, and trust.
  • Become SO magnetic that you attract clients, money, and opportunities that you’ve always wanted.
  • Understand the hidden lessons in your relationships and how to use the lessons to have deeper connections with family, friends, and your soulmate.


Your Spirit Guides are always with you and are ready to offer their assistance and provide you with guidance and direction on your life path.


Your Spirit Guides are different from Angels who watch over and protect you.  Spirit Guides are just as their names imply – spiritual beings that guide you on your spiritual path. They have lived earthly lives and are now able to share their wisdom and spiritual knowledge from another realm.


Is this you?

You have experienced a spiritual reading and you know how powerful it is to be divinely guided.

You have felt a connection to a higher realm for most of your life. In fact, you may have felt a little “unique” and you’re not sure why.

You know you are ready to have a portal to a different realm of information and a deeper understanding of your life.

You are human, but you don’t want to be restricted to just a human view of life anymore. You’re ready to be guided by something more powerful than the earthly mentors around you.

You want to understand more about why you came here, who you are here to help, how your business can reach more people and how you can connect with the people your soul came here to work with.


If you want to communicate with Your Spirit Guides and want solid, safe techniques that will help you connect on a deep level, keep reading.


Chances are you are also having some reservations.

You are not sure that you can really connect with your guides. You wonder what people will think when you start talking about working with Spirit Guides. You might even be concerned that people will think you are insane and weird.  Perhaps you have experienced spiritual teachers and psychics who are fruitcakes.  You are not sure you want to be taught by someone who’s away in “LaLa Land” with the fairies or just a plain weirdo.


Am I reading your mind?  I know your reservations because I had them too.

I’ve had people come to me after experiencing the psychic in the park.  You know the one that does a spiritual reading for you at an event and then tells you they need more money to help you clear your blocks or expel the energy of a past love?  That alone will leave anyone feeling a little skeptical.


I am a natural intuitive and channeler of divine guidance.  In fact, I come from a long line of intuitives, and healers.  I’ve worked with some of the most talented intuitives myself and they have taught me how to have the deepest and most profound connection with my higher guidance while being “normal and sane.” You can too.


The Ask Your Spirit Guides course is an audio program that you receive as an instant download. You will also receive guided meditation audios and an ejournal that are included on our exclusive Ask Your Spirit Guides Resource Page and a dedicated forum to connect with other intuitives.  The Resource Page will help guide you on your journey and provide you with suggestions for connecting with your guides, cleansing techniques, and other valuable information.

I worked closely with my guides to channel this program to help you start your connection with your Spirit Guides.  This practical step by step guide is not filled with stuff that you find everywhere on the internet.  It is a unique and different course and here is why:

This course covers the Essential Keys to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

There are things you must know and master before you start connecting with your guides. Overlook them and you will find it more challenging to have a deeply guided relationship.  In fact, people often miss these keys and wonder why they are having challenges connecting with their Guides.


This program isn’t just for clairvoyants or people who already connect with their guides.  I designed this program for all skill levels, including people who have never connected with their guides.


I believe in keeping things simple and down-to-earth. I want to demystify the spirit realm and show you a practical way to help you connect with your divine guidance.  I want anyone who is feeling called to connect with their Guides to be able to have the correct information and techniques for making the connection.



Regular fee is $197.

Fast Action Fee is $97!

Can I really do this?

Because you may not feel like you were born with this gift you may doubt your ability to connect.  Perhaps you are also a little scared of the spirit world to some degree.  That is okay, you are human.  It is good to have a little doubt and skepticism because it helps you to spot nonsense.


Anyone can connect with their higher guidance.  How your guides communicate with you is unique for each person.  I dedicate a whole section to teaching you the different ways Guides connect and I share techniques that you can use to discover your special connection point.  Your relationship with your Spirit Guides is as unique as the relationship that you have with your best friend.


On average, it takes several weeks to a few months to work through the program, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the program.  I recommend that you take the first seven days to listen to the audios.  The second week, start using the first guided meditation that comes with your program.  In your third week, visit the private Ask Your Spirit Guides resource page and download your bonus guided meditations, ejournals and resources. This program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks if you follow the program as designed. You are encouraged to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day establishing a relationship with your guides.  If you do this, it will take you eight weeks to complete the course.  However, you can work at your own pace.


Did I mention the dedicated forum?

When you purchase this program, you will receive a FREE one-month membership in the Ancestor Wisdom School ($77 Value) which includes a dedicated Ancestor Wisdom Village Private Facebook Forum that is for Ask Your Spirit Guide participants and Ancestor Wisdom School members only!  This forum is private and you can participate as much as you like.  In this forum, you can ask questions, receive support and connect with like-minded spiritual people.  I don’t know of any other Spirit Guide program that offers a forum where you can ask questions and connect with other spiritual teachers.

During your FREE one-month membership in the Ancestor Wisdom School,  you will receive

  • A Soul Journey Meditation Audio to download
  • Ancestor Wisdom School Audio Workshop
  • An invitation to participate in a group Coaching and Q/A call with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides
  • Workshop with one of our Guest Spiritual Teachers


What is included in the program?

Lesson #1: Who are your Spirit Guides and how they want to support you.
Lesson #2: What your guides want you to know and how they communicate with you.
Lesson #3: Types of Spirit Guides and how to connect with your Spirit Guides for guidance and direction.
Lesson #4: Preparing your space, mind and body for connection. Learn grounding and protection techniques.
Lesson #5: Guided Meditation to help you connect with your Spirit Guides daily.



  • Three Guided Meditations with ejournals.  These Guided Meditation Audios will enhance your connection with your Spirit Guides.
  • Membership in Dr. Monique’s Ancestor Wisdom Village Facebook Group
  • One month membership in Dr. MoNique’s Ancestor Wisdom School


What is the cost of the Ask Your Spirit Guides audio program?



Regular fee is $197  

Fast Action Fee is only $97!