Ancestral Stories – Clearing Hidden Grief

 August 28, 2017
Posted by Dr. Monique

The stories of your Ancestors are often re-lived through you.  The names change, and circumstances might be different, but the outcome is often the same.  Your Ancestors’ stories might empower you, and some may create blocks leaving you wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns, or why life does not seem to work the way you envisioned.   Frequently, our Ancestors’ stories are filled with Hidden Grief that is passed on to us unconsciously. When we know our Ancestors’ stories, we can better understand how they might be unconsciously impacting our lives and creating blocks.    Your Ancestors’ stories may be documented, but if they are not, you can still benefit from an Ancestral Story Clearing.


Let me tell you Lisa’s story.  Lisa found it difficult to share her opinions during department meetings.  Her ideas were often different than her co-workers.  She was fearful of speaking up and sharing her knowledge and creativity.  It was killing her inside. She hated going to work and often blamed her coworkers for not creating a safe environment for her to share her thoughts.  During her session, we discovered that her great-grandmother, Kathy, was abandoned by her mother at an early age.  Great-grandmother Kathy remembers the last conversation she had with her mother when she was just eight years old.  She was angry with her mom, and they argued.  The next day, Kathy’s father told her that her mother was gone.  Throughout her childhood and on into adulthood Kathy believed that speaking up and sharing her opinion was the reason for her mother’s departure from her life.  Great- grandmother Kathy never shared her gifts and ideas,  she never spoke highly of herself or her ability to sew beautiful garments. Kathy always believed if she said too much, people would abandon her.  And now great-grandmother Kathy’s experience is showing up in Lisa’s life.    Kathy wanted very much to be seen and appreciated.  Lisa and I conducted a ceremony to honor, recognize and honor Kathy’s gifts.  We asked Kathy to share her voice through Lisa.   A few days later, without hesitating, Lisa shared her ideas in a meeting.  The company has now adopted her idea, and it has saved the company nearly $90,000.  That is the power of connecting with your Ancestors to not only remove the Ancestral Karma but to also to partner with them to create a clear path to your success and happiness.


Releasing the stories of your Ancestors is helpful for them, and it allows you to create a partnership to receive their guidance and support.  Yes, you can help your Ancestors heal and dissolve your blocks at the same time.  More importantly, Ancestor Story Clearing work is a powerful way to connect with your Ancestors and benefit from the invaluable support, guidance, and wisdom that they want to share with you.  After all, they want to help you achieve what they did not.  Ancestral Story Clearing work is so powerful because once cleared; your Ancestors will be a source of guidance and wisdom during your life journey and for future generations.


The first step is to discover your story. Think about an area of your life that seems blocked or isn’t what you want it to be. What is the story?  Can you connect your experience with stories about your Ancestors?  If so, what are the similarities?


If you do not know much about the stories of your Ancestors, you will find working with someone who is skilled at communicating with Ancestors to uncover hidden grief extremely helpful.

To learn more about how to discover hidden grief from your Ancestors through Ancestral Clearing, schedule a free 30 minute Ancestral Clearing chat with Dr. MoNique.

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