Are You Creating Situations Where You Can’t Win?

 May 29, 2012
Posted by Dr. Monique

Are You Creating Situtation Where YOU Can’t Win

Is it time for change?

One of the most common questions I receive is from people who are in what seems to be a situation without a solution. It seems as if every direction they turn, they hit a brick wall, no way out, up or around the problem. I call this the illusion of resistance. It is resisting changing something that you dread parting with.

Lalah’s business is declining. She feels she may need to close her business and find a job. Her classes are not full; and no one is visiting her Web site. Convinced that she has tried everything, she has turned to blaming the economy, her ex-husband and her divorce for the failure of her business. Lalah has been invited by a large women’s organization to be a presenter. The opportunity to speak at this conference would put her in the international spot light. Because of her fear of not being good enough, Lalah has avoided public speaking. However the success of her business depends on it. This situation may seem easy to resolve, but owning up to your fears and being willing to work past them can be challenging. Instead of overcoming her fear and accepting the offer to speak, she claims she doesn’t have time to take a class or invest in being a better speaker. As her business intuitive, it is clear to me that in order for her business to thrive, Lalah will have to step past her fear and resistance to change. By the way, Lalah suggested I share her story with you.

What are you holding onto – beliefs, ideas, fears that are keeping you from reaching your dream? What change are you resisting? Is procrastination showing up?

Here is a three step formula that will allow you to see past your blocks, step through them and open the door to new opportunities! Remember, wherever there is a problem or a challenge, its solution is always present in the same moment.

Step 1 –

Identify the “real” problem. It is easy to blame other situations, the past or other people. Step back and sit in a quiet space. Remove the drama surrounding the problem and cut right to the core issue. It’s much easier to resolve the real problem than it is to try and solve dramatic issues surrounding the problem. In Lalah’s case she was afraid of public speaking and that was all that was blocking her business success.

Step 2

Ask Yourself: What would the situation be without the problem? What would it look like if the problem were gone? How would you feel without the problem? What is the complete opposite of the problem? If Lalah had no fear of public speaking she would have more speaking engagements and her business would grow!

Step 3

The Change. What do YOU have to change to make the new result you are seeking a reality? Once you identify what you must change, take action immediately to manifest your new result.

After one coaching session, Lalah decided to release her resistance to change and work on her fears! Using intuitive coaching, spiritual reading and the Emotional Freedom Technique in two sessions, Lalah was able to overcome her fear and she accepted the invitation to speak at the conference. In the first month following her presentation, Lalah earned three times her previous month and in 2012 she expects her final earnings to be well over $270,000. This will make her fifth year in business the most successful to date.

It is really that simple and can happen very quickly. It is always easier when you remove the drama first! Remember you must remove the drama, cut right to the problem and have the courage to change!

Believe in yourself….